Fast Focus: Let God work in you

December 30, 2012 

In the wake of the massacre of the innocents in Newtown, Conn., Neil Cavuto was quoted as asking "Where was God?" The answers to that question have been many and varied. May I add my thoughts?

Evil begets violence and violence begets death and suffering around the world. The solution is eradicating evil, thereby greatly reducing the violent circumstances of our world. This will not happen by government mandate or social restructuring or war. But it will happen when God, once again, has place in our hearts and our homes.

God is working to reduce the evil in the hearts of man. Look around you. His messengers are all around us. They approach us on the street. They knock on our doors. They talk to us via radio and TV. They invite us to let the spirit of God enter our hearts and homes and minds and thoughts. They invite us to return to our churches, mosques, synagogues and temples to partake of His fellowship and love. To what extent are we responding to these invitations?

May I suggest the next time His messengers appear at our door, we welcome them in and partake of their Spirit. Let us thank them for their concern, their love and their service. Let us recognize we need God in our hearts and homes. And act accordingly. Only then will peace come to this Earth and goodwill displace evil and violence disappear from the daily headlines around the world.

-- LESTER SOUSLEY, Kennewick

We need each other

With the new year, I hope that it comes with a new state of mind. All of these tragedies over the past few years aren't helping the American people strive for greatness. How can they when their loved ones aren't even safe at school anymore? What happened in Connecticut is one of the saddest tragedies of all because 20 children were killed. Before that, there was the shooting at the Oregon mall. Going to school or going out should be fun. We shouldn't be worrying about what could happen if we go out of the house and we definitely should not even think about the fact that it isn't safe.

The first step to success will be to try to make Americans feel safe. That is what will help keep the United States whole. It will take everyone confiding in each other for us to succeed as a country. Then we can move on from there.


Fight back

Since the Columbine tragedy we have taught our children to huddle in a corner. Now is the time to teach our children, young and old, to fight back. Visualize an organized onslaught of golf balls being whipped at the body of a potential assailant.

The terrorists who attack us know that for the last decade we have trained our children to hide and hope for the best. This defensive tactic is employed at colleges and offices across the country. It is not acceptable to hope the assailant bypasses us for another target.

Outlawing a specific style of weapon will not stop that kind of weapon from existing and it will not stop this kind of person from doing the things that we cannot understand.

However, we can start to change our mind set from hiding, to fighting for our children's lives and our own.

You cannot and will not stop these animals from preying on society until the only targets they have will give them the fight they do not want.

Until we decide to fight back, we will be victims.

My wife is a teacher. I know she and her colleagues would sacrifice their lives to protect your children.

-- ALBERT M. LEMBECK, Kennewick

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