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December 30, 2012 

TANYA LASUK, Kennewick

Imagine paying to receive nonstop advertisement and volunteering willingly as an unpaid lobbyist for a consortium of for-profit companies. Impossible you say, but this is what National Rifle Assocation members do.

Tobacco manufacturers must be looking on with envy. The sheeplike allegiance of NRA members gives political shelter to ruthless businesses willing to accept the death of any and all for higher and higher profits.

Two police officers were on the scene in Newtown, Conn., within minutes of the break-in and as the shooting started. Regardless, 26 people died in the bare minutes it took to locate and stop the murderer.

Nevertheless, gun manufacturers, through their well-paid lackey Wayne LaPierre, suggest a police officer be assigned to guard every school in the country. Anything to avoid losing profits.

We need to stop gun violence at the source and respond to all root causes. Two of these causes are the ready availability of hyper-deadly weapons and a general lack of compassion toward others. Of course there may be others.

Can we make a clear-eyed analysis of this terrible problem and respond with direct and effective action?

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