Letter Best: No so heroic

December 30, 2012 


Reading the paper recently, I saw a picture of kids participating in a video chat with a quarterback for a college football team. The caption says they are learning about heroes.

How on Earth is an athlete a hero? How is being able to throw, hit or catch well heroic? If you need to talk to a hero, how about the men who raced out to save the woman trapped under a car? How about our policemen and firefighters who routinely save lives? Or the everyday people who put themselves in danger to help or save another human being?

There is nothing heroic about being an athlete. Does it take bravery to get on the field? Are they putting themselves in danger to help others?

Athletes definitely have a place in society. Since they are so revered, they can at least be good role models and a positive influence on young kids. They can do this by volunteering to do community service and being well mannered in public. But a hero? We really need to rethink our definition of what is heroic.

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