Wrestling: Sunnyside wins team title at Hanford Winter Cup

December 28, 2012 

Sunnyside turned in its usual top-notching showing at the Hanford Winter Cup, claiming four individual titles and the team crown Friday at Hanford High.

Jesse Barajas (113 pounds), Santos Guerrero (120), Anthony Chavez (126) and Noe Palomino (145) won titles for the Grizzlies. Barajas topped teammate Homer Romero 5-2 for his title, and Sunnyside had two more runner-up finishers: Max Ramos at 170, who lost to Richland’s Cam Simpson 13-5, and Austin Carmen at 220.

Richland finished third behind Mt. Spokane, with titles coming from Simpson and Skyler Mitchell at 160. Mitchell pinned Cody Brooks, a JV wrestler for Hanford wrestling for the Honey Badger team.

Kamiakin finished fourth, led by Harley Kolp (first at 138) and Sisto Santana Pina (first 182), and with second-place finishes from Tyler Almaguer (106) and Jr. Pina (132). Jr. Pina lost 4-0 to Mabton’s Vincente Mireles.

Sisto Pina topped Will Bishop 11-4 for the 182 title in a matchup of state veterans. Kolp topped Richland’s Pryce Seely 7-2 in their title match.

Hanford, which finished fifth, added a third runner-up finish when Jeff Weyand was pinned by River View’s Kyle Hall in the 285 final.

Southridge’s Kevin Del-Angel continued his hot start, tearing up the 195 bracket with pins of 27 and 55 seconds and 1:18 in the final.

Kennewick’s Michael Hosfield finished second at 126 to Chavez, and Tucker Simonton of Columbia (Burbank) was a runner-up at 152.

At Hanford

Team scores—Sunnyside 236, Mt. Spokane 176.5, Richland 169, Kamiakin 130, Hanford 123, Southridge 93.5, Chiawana JV 76.5, Wapato 75, West Valley-Yak 72.5, Kennewick 68, River View 58, Mabton 38, Prosser 38, Honey Badger don’t care, Liberty-Spangle 27, Burbank 26.

106—Omar Gomez (Wap) d. Tyler Almaguer (Kam) 8-4; third: Jacob Mendoza (Sun) and Tamika Pierce (Rich); fifth: Manny Casillas (SR) and Pete Wilkes (MtSp). 113—Jesse Barajas (Sun) d. Homer Romero (Sun-NS) 5-2; Blake Llarenas (Han) and Kain Feltwell (Lib); Clayton Detmer (SR) and Frankie Morales (RV). 120—Santos Guerrero (Sun) d. Kiegen Schauer (MtSp) 3-2; Daniel Espinoza (Wap) and Cesar Castillo (Kam); Victor Riscarena (Ken) and Mitch Bieber (Rich). 126—Anthony Chavez (Sun) m.d. Michael Hosfield (Ken) 11-2; Jason Beck (MtSp) and Alex Webb (Rich-NS); Damien Gooldy (Kam) and Kaleb Hafner (Lib).

132—Vincente Mireles (Mab) d. Jr. Pina (Kam) 4-0; Richie Boundurant (MtSp) and Daniel Guillen (Sun); Noah Workman (Rich) and Ben Hoffner (Han). 138—Harley Kolp (Kam) d. Pryce Seely (Rich) 7-2; Chrisitan Nibarger (MtSp) and Joel Murillo (Chi); Brennan Rains (Han) and Christian Ruiz (Sun). 145—Noe Palomino (Sun) p. Conner Reugsegger (MtSp) 3:59; Kody Mars (Rich) and David Zhai (HonBdg); Mat Monteluis (Rich-NS) and Michael Parkman (Han). 152—John Hoover (MtSp) t.f. Tucker Simonton (Burb) 15-0; Austin Urlacher (Chi) and Sam Romero (Sun)p; Kevin Garza (Rich) and Brandon Marquez (Mab).

160—Skyler Mitchell (Rich) p. Cody Brooks (HnyBdg-NS) 4:11; Harley Prescott (RV) and Andrew Collins (SR); Chad White (Chi) and Ramon Hernandez (Sun). 170—Cameron Simpson (Rich) m.d. Max Ramos (Sun) 13-5; Mark Bradley (WV) and Seth Gifford (Han); Kory Miller (SR) and Nate Murillo (Chi). 182—Sisto Santana Pina (Kam) d. Will Bishop (Han) 11-4; Bryce Overholt (SR) and Daniel Avalos (Sun); Tristan Houck (WV-NS) and Edwin Gastelum (Rich).

195—Kevin Del-Angel (SR) p. Ricardo Rodriguez (Wap) 1:18; Cody O’toole (Rich) and Todd Pink (Ken); Joel Ayala (Pros) and Luke Smith (WV). 220—Tom Harvey (MtSp) m.d. Austin Carmen (Sun) 10-2; Gerardo Rodriguez (Ken) and Dallon Grinder (Han); Sam Heidt (WV) and Nick Little (Kam). 285—Kyle Hall (RV) p. Jeff Weyand (Han) 1:19; Antonio Cruz (Chi) and Andrew Kissinger (MtSp); Ben Stoker (HnyBdg) and Jorge Mendoza (WV).

ROYAL CHRISTMAS TOURNAMENT: With local small-school powers Othello, Royal and Warden on hand, it was only a matter of time before they butted heads.

Royals’ Alex Myrick topped Othello’s Jesus Montes 12-3 for the 170 title to lead the Knights to third place behind Granger and Castle Rock in one of the top tournaments in the state for Class 2A, 1A and B schools.

Meanwhile, Warden’s Adam Hansen stuck a major decision on Royal’s Damien Delarosa, 10-2, in the 220 final. Royal’s Laddie Goroski also placed second, losing to Connell’s Robert Orozco 10-5 at 145.

Othello claimed a title of its own with Bubba Ruiz at 285.

At Royal High School

Championship match and placements

Team scores—1. Granger, 160.5; 2. Castle Rock, 159.5; 3. Royal, 138; 4. Othello, 135; 5. Liberty Bell, 130.5; 6. Warden, 116; 7. Tonasket, 113; 8. Riverside, 108; 9. Lakeside, 107.5; 10. Connell, 105.5; 11. Reardan, 84; 12. Goldendale, 65; 13. Cashmere, 51; 14. Wahluke, 41. 106—Championship: Trent Skelton, Liberty Bell, dec. Anthony Barrera, Othello, 5-2; 3. Dominguez, Warden; t4. Rade Pilkinton, Tonasket, and Barajas, Wahluke; 5. JoJo Saringan. 113—Championship: Jose Cienfuegos, Granger, dec. Jose Cervantes, Connell, 5-0. 3. Jordan Booth, Castle Rock; t4. Fernando Gomez, Connell, and Jacob Ulland, Lakeside. 5. Abraham Gonzalez, Othello. 120—Championship: Hootie Judd, Lakeside, dec. Ricky Almaguer, Granger, 4-3. 3. Carlos Hernandez, Royal; t4. Aitcheson, Tonasket, and Carson Horton, Castle Rock. 5. Taylor Woodruff, Liberty Bell. 126—Championship: Justin McMillan, Liberty Bell, dec. Nathan Carroll, Castle Rock, 5-2. 3. Ramses Rodelo, Warden. t4. Lorenzo Garza, Othello, and Ivan Love, Riverside. 5. Chris Delarosa, Royal. 132—Championship: Jacob McMillan, Liberty Bell, dec. Merritt Fink, Liberty Bell, 5-0. 3. Klint Brown, Lakeside. t4. Dalton Wahl, Tonasket, and Tyler Jack, Riverside. 5. Danny Cantu, Othello. 138—Championship: Emmett Fink, Liberty Bell, dec. Jonah Macias, Granger, 8-2. 3. Saul Hinojosa, Warden. t4. Johnny Mendoza, Othello and Michael Sims, Reardan. 5. Brandon Jarrad, Lakeside. 145—Championship: Robert Orozco, Connell, dec. Laddie Goroski, Royal, 10-5. 3. Jacob James, Cashmere. t4. Shawn Godinho, Castle Rock and Milo Holston, Liberty Bell. 5. Dean Enstad, Goldendale. 152—Championship: Pacer Said, Castle Rock, maj. dec. Braydon Proctor, Riverside, 10-0. 3. Brock Steele, Cashmere. t4. Guinn Mirick, Tonasket, and Whitten, Castle Rock. 5. Rudy Gonzalez, Connell, 1:51. 160—Championship: Levi Godinho, Castle Rock, pin Emilio Bustos, Royal, 3:36. 3. Darrin Miller, Riverside. t4. Deven Wesebaum, Reardan and Aaron Justus, Lakeside. 5. Abel Morales, Granger, 3-2. 170—Championship: Alex Myrick, Royal, maj. dec. Jesus Montes, Othello, 12-3. 3. Mack Chilson, Reardan. t4. Kyle Wilkins, Goldendale and Rodriquez, Othello. 5. Hernandez, Warden. 182—Championship: Dustin Crabtree, Riverside, pin Ike Martinez, Reardan, 5:16. 3. Christian Guerrero, Royal. t4. Jack Yorgesen, Wahluke and Andrew King, Lakeside. 5. Chase Lam, Castle Rock. 195—Championship: Abidan Duarte, Granger, pin Greg Heinen, Connell, 2:34. 3. Reginald Seargant, Goldendale. t4. Nick Harriman, Castle Rock, and Salvador Amezoa, Connell. 5. Frank Holfelz, Tonasket. 220—Championship: Adam Hansen, Warden, maj. dec. Damien Delarosa, Royal, 10-2. 3. John Rawley, Tonasket. t4. Ben Dring, Lakeside and Danny Brockman, Reardan. 5. Adrian Chino, Granger, 2:53. 285—Championship: Bubba Ruiz, Othello, dec. Eli Galeno, Granger, 5-0. 3. Joseph Pruneda, Warden. t4. Tanner Good, Tonasket, and Zack Cully, Goldendale. 5. Colton Dow, Castle Rock

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