Too many taxes

December 28, 2012 


Do politicians understand the result if they kill the goose that lays the golden egg? Without exception, every political level is requiring more of our money through additional taxes. I understand their requests may be legitimate but so are the needs of the average family.

These are just a few of the recent requests for the average family's dwindling income:

w Proposed increases or eliminating tax credits that the lower and middle class are able to claim on their tax form.

w Medicare, health care, insurance premiums, gas, oil, utilities, food all continue to increase.

w Our governor is requesting an increase in various taxes, including gasoline.

w School districts are requesting an increase for a school bond and fire districts an increase for ambulance service.

w Some local governments have increased auto tabs and sales tax.

All branches of government want increased taxes, but the average family fully understands the final monetary impact that each of these small increases places on their dwindling income.

Enough is enough. Let's do with less so we can take care of our families with less government control and interference.

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