Blowing in the wind

December 28, 2012 

SCOTT and DIANE CALL, Richland

In the wee hours Dec. 17, the Tri-Cities once again was reminded of the "hell winds" that have inundated our region during this particular time of the year and through the spring for millennia.

It may be only my imagination, but these winds seem to arrive with inordinate frequency the night before garbage collection is scheduled.

What a joy to be awakened by garbage containers rumbling down the street. I stepped outside to find various garbage debris throughout our yard and on the driveway and deck. I began composing this letter in my head:

w Please delay putting your garbage container out on the street until the morning that the truck is scheduled to pick it up.

w Please bag all garbage prior to placing it into the container. If a bit of a breeze merely blows your can's lid open, there will not be bits and pieces projected throughout your neighborhood.

w Note your garbage can's number and store that information in a safe place, so you know which one is yours among the pile at the end of the street!

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