No to Delta High

December 28, 2012 


In the ongoing discussion on the financing and location of a new Delta High School, the wrong questions are being asked. The question should be, do we need another entire building complex and try to get the state to finance most or all of it?

As I understand it, the present students are not screened to enroll those with the most aptitude for technical courses, and the school cannot handle all those who would like to attend. It would make more sense to have each of the three school districts select one or more of their present high schools to offer the same basic curriculum as Delta offers.

Financially, it makes more sense to occasionally shuttle a few specialty instructors between high schools, rather than bus hundreds of kids daily from all over the area to a central school. The kids would remain in their home district to enjoy other school activities.

To create a new school when none is needed is a financial waste. The Delta school has shown that there is a need and desire for science, technology, engineering and math education, so let's improve what we have rather than segregate those who would like to be future engineers.

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