Thumbs up for Santa's helpers

December 26, 2012 

To the postal workers who help Santa write back to children who send him letters.

Writing letters can be a time-consuming task. So can receiving them. We happen to know a lot about receiving letters. But it's a valuable practice.

The thought process is refined by the act of writing our thoughts down.

We all use technology. But somehow a text to Santa or an email doesn't have the same feeling.

Writing letters is becoming a lost art. So we're happy to see children being encouraged to put pen to paper. Nothing rewards that effort quite so much as getting a letter back in the mail.

We see a future generation of letter-to-the-editor authors.

The toy maker

To Rusty Biglin, the maker of children's toys.

It's great that people have hobbies. It keeps them engaged and youthful. We're especially interested in Biglin's toy-making habit.

Biglin creates 200 to 300 wooden toys every year and gives them away -- mostly to strangers.

His quote in the Tri-City Herald says it all, "I don't need to sell these toys because I get much more enjoyment giving them away."

We get enjoyment knowing that there are people like Biglin.

Thumbs down

Let's do better next time

To the end of the world -- or at least the reaction of some people to the prediction of civilization's end.

We're saddened by threats of mass destruction for "the end of the world." Thankfully no one made good on those threats.

Maybe the threats were just pranks by some teenagers hoping to add an extra day to their winter break from school -- similar to phoning in a bomb threat on the day of a big test.

But these are not harmless pranks.

Schools took extra precautions Dec. 21. And some people anticipated the day in a state of panic -- not because they thought the world would end, but because they were afraid of people acting out in violence.

We live in a society where people sometimes do horrible things to each other.

We are creating a culture of fear that only begets more fear.

We would hope that if there ever is a real reason to suspect we are on our very last day, that it will be a day filled with love and kindness, not fear and hate.

Christmas burglar

To home invasion. Such violations of our sanctuaries are bad any time of year, but ransacking people's homes and stealing their Christmas presents even puts the Grinch to shame.

Yes, it would be nice if we all joined hands out in the street and sang together on Christmas morning, but the truth is that when someone breaks into your home, they take more than your loot. They take your sense of home.

Kennewick police are reminding people to keep their doors locked. The Herald's editorial board is scolding people for taking things (especially people's sense of security) that don't belong to them.

Shame on you.

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