3 Rivers Autism Outreach

December 26, 2012 

I am a 30-year-old man who lives with autism spectrum disorder, and I don't want anyone trying to paint me into boxes that don't fit my life.

I have had to overcome a lot of stigmas and a lot of people saying I wouldn't be able to have the life I want because you have autism, and I haven't let them stop me from being the best person I can be and follow my dreams and goals.

I don't want people being scared of people with autism or people thinking x, y or z that they have heard about people with autism is true.

People with ASD are generally good people and want to have lives of meaning and be the best people they can be, it isn't an easy journey but it's doable.

I enjoy helping people like myself who have ASD through Three Rivers Autism Outreach so they can have the best lives they possibly can, and I don't want rumors and so -called "facts" to make our lives that much harder. We have come so far in being able to be contributing members of the community. All we ask is that you let us be the best People we can be.


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