My two bits

December 23, 2012 


There is more to the story of Anthony Holand, metal sculptor, (Tri-City Herald, Dec. 4). I know because I'm his mother and was disappointed not to be asked for input.

Things didn't come easy for Anthony. He's been near death twice -- as an infant with Reyes Syndrome, and as a young adult with meningitis. He is a child of divorce, remarriage and stepfamilies. He wasn't an academic scholar, but he can brilliantly repair, design or build anything from home construction, landscaping, vehicles, art. He's known heartbreak and true love. He eloped to Italy. He is a friend maker and friend keeper. He knows when to ask for support, and then looks for opportunities to serve others. Anthony has learned from easy and hard times, steadily moving forward -- even when the path was uncertain.

My husband and I moved our new family including Anthony, brother Tyler, and stepbrother Mathew, to Finley 22 years ago, believing in the personal power of a small-school environment. Anthony had opportunities for participation and leadership in his education and extracurricular activities at River View High. His teachers/coaches knew him by name and personality. The beautiful, creative metal artwork my son produces is ingenious and amazes me!

Anthony often tells me "I'm glad you're my mom." I respond that I am blessed to be his mother.

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