Don't feed them

December 23, 2012 


The tea party dream: end big government. What a weak dream. Why not end all government. It's easy. Government didn't exist until agriculture existed. No farmers, no government.

Face it. If you can't eat, you hunt and gather until you are full. But that takes effort. Politicians don't work -- not that way. Politicians and most of us (including me) depend on farmers making more food than we can eat. That's how we go about our lives fat and happy.

Want to end the federal government, state government, city government? Go back to the way it used to be when we were all hunter gatherers: lots of starving. Not much governing.

Stop farming. Not just agricultural subsidies, but all farming. No farming, no cities, no liberals, no immigrants, no government.

Why didn't the tea party support this idea? Ask them. But make it quick. Tea partyers are a dying breed, while farmers seem to be surviving and keeping all of us alive. Thanks!

Maybe the tea party wasn't serious about wanting to get rid of the federal government. Maybe they were having a bad hair day. Maybe now that they know how easy it is, they will do better. Or not.

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