Pasco man asks judge for low bail

By Paula Horton, Tri-City HeraldDecember 22, 2012 

A Pasco man accused of shooting his brother and a friend during an argument about stolen marijuana pleaded with a judge Friday to keep his bail low.

Andrew Stephen Ferron, 26, made his first appearance Friday in Franklin County Superior Court where prosecutors requested bail at $500,000.

"I work seven days a week, have a wife and three kids and no criminal history," Ferron told Judge Bruce Spanner. "$500,000 -- I mean I understand the seriousness of the crime, but I've never been charged with a crime."

Ferron, who said he works as a general contractor at Fluor, is being held in the Franklin County jail on investigation of two counts of first-degree assault.

Pasco police say he fired several shots inside an apartment after he was confronted about stealing medical marijuana. Two men were hit and suffered minor injuries.

"This is indeed a very serious offense," Spanner said after reading court documents and finding cause to hold Ferron. "For the safety of the community, I believe a $500,000 bail is appropriate."

Defense attorney Peyman Younesi was appointed to represent him.

Police were called at 9 p.m. Thursday to an apartment at 3400 W. Wernett Road after getting a report about several gunshots, said Pasco police Capt. Jim Raymond.

When officers arrived, they found two victims with minor wounds to the back of their upper legs.

Nathaniel Thompson, 22, and Tommy Ferron, 23, told police Andrew Ferron pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and fired at them, court documents said.

He then ran out of the apartment, but was found at his Leola Street home in west Pasco and arrested.

Thompson's girlfriend told detectives that 2 ounces of medical marijuana that belonged to Thompson were stolen from their Wernett Road apartment, documents said.

She said she suspected her brother, Andrew Ferron, had swiped the pot. Thompson reportedly called Andrew Ferron and said that if he did steal the marijuana, he needed to return it.

Andrew Ferron apparently got upset about the accusation and went to the apartment to confront Thompson, documents said.

Thompson said he had been outside smoking when he saw a SUV pass by. Then Andrew Ferron and his other brother, Mark Ferron, reportedly approached him wanting to fight, Thompson told police.

Thompson said he fought with Andrew Ferron all the way into the apartment and continued fighting until Tommy Ferron went into the living room and tried to break them up. That's when Andrew Ferron pulled the gun and started shooting, documents said.

Thompson said he jumped off the couch and tried to take cover. After several shots, the two victims said Andrew Ferron and Mark Ferron ran out of the apartment.

Pasco police went to Andrew Ferron's home and after a short time the two men and Andrew Ferron's wife showed up, documents said.

Andrew Ferron reportedly told police he had shot someone in an altercation and said the gun he used was in the trunk of his car. Police seized the car so they could search it.

Ferron also allegedly said he shot at Thompson, but said it was in self-defense. He told detectives that Thompson had a gun and shot at him first, documents said.

Prosecutors have until Wednesday to charge or release Ferron. If charged, his next court appearance will be Jan. 2. Ferron was ordered to have no contact with Thompson or his brother, Tommy, while the case is pending.

Man arrested in Kennewick, accused of driving under the influence of drugs

A 27-year-old Mississippi man was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs after he was found passed out behind the wheel of a delivery van.

Kennewick police were called to the area of Ely and Green streets and found Andrew Dewaine Terrell asleep in the running van with his head resting in a chocolate ice cream cone, authorities said.

Terrell, who's from Foxworth, Miss., was taken to the police station for an evaluation by a drug recognition expert, then booked into the Benton County jail on suspicion of DUI.

Kennewick woman arrested, accused of threatening people at mom's home

A 23-year-old Kennewick woman was arrested Thursday after allegedly forcing her way into a home where her mother lives and threatening to stab people.

Kennewick police were called to the 1200 block of West 13th Avenue after residents reports Amber Rae Diaz had shown up there and refused to leave.

The residents said she threatened to stab others, but did not display a knife, police said. Diaz has a history of disturbances with her mother, and previously has been banned from the home, police said.

She was gone when officers arrived, but police found her driving in the area of Fourth Avenue and Olympia Street.

Diaz reportedly refused to get out of the car and tried to close the door on officers after they opened it. She eventually was arrested, cutting one of her hands as she pulled off the handcuffs.

After being cleared at the hospital, Diaz was booked into the Benton County jail on suspicion of second-degree kidnapping, residential burglary and felony harassment.

Pasco man accused of entering home uninvited, assaulting former girlfriend

A 51-year-old Pasco man was arrested Thursday after allegedly walking into a Pasco home without being invited and confronting and assaulting a former girlfriend.

Ronald E. Merry is being held in the Franklin County jail for investigation of first-degree burglary, but his defense attorney said the allegations are untrue.

"The affidavit of probable cause is for the most part information by Ronald's ex-girlfriend," attorney Jim Egan told Judge Bruce Spanner.

The document, filed in Franklin County Superior Court, identifies the victim as Merry's ex-wife, Dottie Marie Reynolds, but Egan said she's Merry's former girlfriend.

They do have a child in common, Egan said, but Merry has custody of the girl.

According to court documents, Merry allegedly walked through the open front door at 523 W. Shoshone St. and confronted Reynolds in her bedroom.

She said he pushed her as she tried to grab some money off the dresser, causing her to fall onto a low bed.

Reynolds, 26, told police that she yelled at Merry to get out of the house and tried to close the door, but he stuck his foot out so it wouldn't close, documents said. She said he then kicked at her, hitting her in her hip, documents said.

Egan, however, said Merry never assaulted or touched anybody at the house. He also never tried to block the door.

Merry was at the home because he was letting his daughter visit her grandparents, Egan said.

"The affidavit says he burst in the front door. That was not true," Egan said.

His client had a conversation with his daughter's grandmother when he walked inside, Egan said, and she reportedly apologized for not letting him know that Reynolds was there.

Prosecutors asked for $50,000 bail, but Egan said his client should be able to defend against the allegations and if bail is set it should be a minimal amount.

Judge Spanner agreed that $50,000 seemed a little high, but he said the seriousness of the charge supported at least $5,000 bail.

Prosecutors have until Wednesday to charge Merry. If charged, his next court hearing is Jan. 2.

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