Queensgate congestion

December 21, 2012 

BOB LOBER, West Richland

As I sit in my car attempting to cross the Duportail and Kennedy intersection in South Richland, I marvel at the additional new construction of four apartment units, an additional restaurant plus an 11-acre movie theater to the commercial/residential sprawl already in place in the Duportail-Queensgate area. How much more development will Richland allow without the necessary road improvements they promised in their compressive "integrated" land use plan prior to this development? Also let's not forget what additional strain will result from this high-density apartment complex to the already over crowded schools in the area as well.

I guess we citizens are comfortable with duplicating the poorly conceived Road 68 commercial mess in Pasco again -- all for the sake of additional city revenue and lining the pockets of developers.

Please expect my next letter to the editor when some poor soul is injured trying to negotiate this unmanaged, traffic-congested eyesore. Time is ticking guys ... and thanks for watching out for the quality of life here in South Richland and neighboring West Richland via disciplined "Integrated" Land Use Planning!

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