Insurers add adjusters for windstorm claims

By the Tri-City HeraldDecember 20, 2012 

Several insurance companies have sent additional adjusters to the Tri-Cities to help deal with claims from the recent windstorm.

Mutual of Enumclaw has made more employees available to help policy holders in the Tri-Cities due to the volume of claims, said Tim Engman, property consultant for the insurance company.

Engman advises policy holders to call with questions and to submit claims sooner rather than later.

At Harvey Insurance of Pasco, producer Ryan Bennett said one agent fielded 30 claims in one day, and other agents may be experiencing more.

"If the wind blows, you are going to have claims," he said.

Bennett recommends to his clients to make sure the damage to their home isn't going to get any worse. Then, document the damage and get an estimate of what it will cost to repair before filing a claim.

Someone's deductible may be higher than what the repairs cost, Bennett said.

And check to see what a policy covers, he said. Some policies may cover damage to sheds and fences as well as the home.

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