Record breaking

December 20, 2012 

KATHLEEN R. ESPARZA, Keene-Riverview Elementary

Students at Keene-Riverview Elementary School in Prosser helped the World Sport Stacking Association's yearly attempt at breaking the Huinness world record for "most people sport stacking at multiple locations in one day."

The record is now 483,658 stackers around the world, beating last year's record of 412,259. More than 2,600 schools and organizations representing some 30 countries registered for this year's colossal sport-stacking event Nov. 15.

To qualify, a group must have at least 25 stackers participating for at least 30 minutes.

The students at Keene-Riverview would like to thank all of the teachers, staff and parent volunteers who helped make this day a huge success. Also, thank you to the local news media for covering the event. It made the students feel terrific!

I would like to send out royal congratulations to all the students in my physical education classes for an outstanding performance at helping break a Guinness world record. For more information on sport stacking, visit www.thewssa. com or

Thank you to my superstars!

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