Violent video games

December 19, 2012 


With the recent tragic shooting in Connecticut, there has been increased talk about gun control. This is very frustrating to me. Not because I am for or against gun control but because society is completely accepting of video games that simulate killing with incredible accuracy.

It seems to me that there is a correlation between video game popularity that simulate shooting and mass shootings in the United States. Video games have increased with such realistic graphics and detail that even our own military have been known to practice with them. While the large majority of the population may not be adversely affected by these games, some are desensitized by the violence and may lead to dramatic events. So to try to stop these shootings through gun control may try to solve the problem by treating the symptom and not the underlying problem.

May we as a nation focus on the real problems by spending more time with our children, less time with video games and reaching out to those in need ... before tragedy strikes again.

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