Mid-Columbia births for Tue, Dec 18, 2012

December 18, 2012 

Kennewick General Hospital

SMITH -- Kaylee and Chris, Kennewick, boy, Dec. 12.

ERB -- Cassandra and Carlos Rivera, Kennewick, girl, Dec. 12.

DURON -- Cristina and Salvador, Pasco, boy, Dec. 13.

IRVINE -- Kimberly and Christopher Finn, Benton City, girl, Dec. 14.

SANTOS -- Socorro and Gabriel Saenz, Pasco, girl, Dec. 13.

Lourdes Medical Center, Pasco

BOUTAVONG -- Shannell and Jonathan McDowell, Pasco, girl, Dec. 5.

VILLEGAS -- Eloisa and Victor Ledezma, Pasco, boy, Dec. 6.

DAVILA -- Ruby and Hugo Sanchez, Pasco, girl, Dec. 8.

FERNANDEZ -- Martha and Elidio Valencia, Pasco, girl, Dec. 12.

ARREZ -- Mayra and Ruben Gomez, Kennewick, girl, Dec. 12.

BARNES -- Victoria and Benjamin, West Richland, boy, Dec. 12.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

KIEHN -- Alena and Jason, West Richland, girl, Dec. 7.

CHAVEZ -- Ana, Pasco, girl, Dec. 7.

CATALAN -- Juana, Prosser, boy, Dec. 8.

BRETTHAUER -- Jolene and Heath Showalter, Pasco, boy, Dec. 8.

WILLIAMS -- Kayla and Robert Warner, Richland, girl, Dec. 8.

OLIVARES -- Loretta and Victor, Grandview, girl, Dec. 10.

TIJERINA -- Alexia and Adrian Medina, Richland, boy, Dec. 10.

CLAYTON -- Tonya and Thomas, Burbank, boy, Dec. 10.

TONG -- Stacy and Peter Hui, Kennewick, boy, Dec. 10.

MERAZ MAGALLON -- Brenda and Ramon Meraz, Grandview, boy, Dec. 11.

GARCIA -- Joann, Pasco, girl, Dec. 11.

GRAWL -- Angela and Sheldon Sharrer, Kennewick, boy, Dec. 11.

CASTILLA -- Angela and Jose, Richland, boy, Dec. 11.

PHIMMASONE -- Lamphon and Damian Barajas, Pasco, girl, Dec. 11.

CRADDOCK -- Lacey and Al, Richland, boy, Dec. 11.

BERG -- Courtney and Daniel, Prosser, girl, Dec. 11.

CARDONA -- Heidi and Arthur, Pasco, boy, Dec. 12.

COATS -- Teresa and JJ, Richland, girl, Dec. 12.

STEELE -- Teresa and Tyson, Connell, boy, Dec. 12.

MARTINEZ -- Celina and Isaac Ramos, Kennewick, boy, Dec. 12.

ROJAS -- Alyssa and JJ Acevedo, Pasco, boy, Dec. 12.

HATKE -- Sarah and Derrick, Kennewick, girl, Dec. 12.

OLIVERA -- Maria and Jose Lopez, Pasco, girl, Dec. 12.

GALVEZ -- Yesenia and Jared Walter, Pasco, boy, Dec. 12.

MORENO -- Jaimie and Matthew, West Richland, girl, Dec. 13.

LIPP -- Misty, Richland, girl, Dec. 13.

CARVER -- Stephanie and Kolby, Richland, boy, Dec. 13.

MONROY -- Stephanie and Alexandro Acevedo, Pasco, girl, Dec. 13.

WEST -- Carrie and Ben, West Richland, boy, Dec. 13.

RICHARDSON -- Jayme and Grant, West Richland, girl, Dec. 13.

MORALES -- Sara and Marcos Tajardo, Pasco, girl, Dec. 14.

CERVANTES -- Nereida and Jose Soto, Kennewick, girl, Dec. 14.

BERG -- Nicole and Jacob, Pasco, boy, Dec. 14.

Walla Walla General Hospital

DRURY -- Sadie and Charlie, College Place, girl, Dec. 11.

SENGSAVANG -- Sysouvanh and Edgar Cantu, Walla Walla, boy, Dec. 12.

CARRINGTON-RODRIGUEZ -- Chinelle and Ismael Rodriguez, College Place, girl, Dec. 6.

HERNANDEZ -- Maria and Fernando Morales, College Place, boy, Dec. 9.

HERALD -- Robyn and Alan Hackney, Walla Walla, girl, Dec. 5

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