Hospital questions

December 18, 2012 


I own a house in south Richland located in the Kennewick General Hospital District. I have concerns that KGH will have difficulties making the $9.6 million per year payments to the out-of-town builder on the Southridge hospital. Here are some facts to consider:

-- KGH took the building of the Southridge hospital to the voters and we voted it down.

-- KGH has now gotten a private company to build the hospital at a cost back to KGH of $9.6 million per year.

-- Plus everything that makes up the hospital day-to-day operations (assuming this means wages, supplies, equipment, labs, etc.)

-- If KGH can no longer pay the $9.6 million plus per year rent, will the cost go to the hospital district residents? If so, this seems to be a roundabout way to circumvent the voting process.

-- If I need an ambulance, I will be taken to Kadlec, not KGH.

-- Why should Richland residents have to pay for KGH if the hospital cannot pay the $9.6 million plus per year?

-- KGH has already approved the private builder to excavate the daylight basement and pour the foundation.

I would like the KGH board to explain to the residents in the district what will happen if KGH cannot pay the $9.6 million plus per year. We deserve answers now.

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