Repair U.N. building

December 18, 2012 


In response to John Funk's letter on the U.N. (Letters, Nov. 6)

Our United Nations building has been a beacon of hope for world peace for more than half a century. All the international flags outside the building lined up side by side inspire me to believe that someday we will have peace within the global community by sharing our cultures.

True, somewhere there has always been war. But I believe that all countries can learn to walk in peace with their friends of many nations.

There is a surge globally of nations wanting to refurbish their precious landmarks to bring in tourist trade and share their culture. Yes, we need the repairs and renovation on the United Nations just as the Statue of Liberty needed refurbishing.

Americans need to scale down over-exravagant living and indifference to countries not so plutocratic, but we do need to keep our national heritage in good repair.

World peace lies in international economics. I say let's refurbish the United Nations building and pick good delegates.

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