Voters test

December 17, 2012 


I have been contemplating the idea of a political literacy test for those participating in political activities such as voting. A literacy test is given to make sure the taker knows something about politics.

This idea has many benefits. The first benefit is that it keeps politically illiterate people from making ignorant decisions in our community. Many people vote for the candidate of their political party without researching the person first. What happens when that candidate is chosen, and the people don't agree with them?

The next reason is that the literacy tests would encourage political awareness. When everyone knows about what they are being involved in, those who want to be involved will make an effort. If people want to make a difference, they need to study the topic.

One more reason is that the literacy test would make a more equal playing ground for the items being voted for. If all voters know about what they are voting for, the votes can't be won for looking pretty.

In the end, I hope to persuade someone to believe that political literacy tests are not only a useful tool but also something that should be implemented in society.

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