Tri-City light displays dance in the night

By Loretto J. Hulse, Tri-City HeraldDecember 16, 2012 

At a time when most people are thinking of Trick or Treat, turkey and pumpkin pie, others -- such as Tim and Timmer Trevis of Kennewick and Mark and Cristina Harris of Richland -- have Christmas on their minds.

The Harris family began putting up holiday lights at the end of September.

"I used to wait until November, but with a two-and-a-half story house it's best not to be on the roof when it's slippery. It gets a little scary being up there in the freezing cold putting lights up along the roof edge when you can't feel your fingers," Mark Harris said.

His wife helps, and so do his kids when they're visiting, but Harris joked, "I'm the Griswold of the neighborhood.

"I like lights, the more, the better," he said, estimating there's 20 to 25 thousand lights on his house, front and back and all over the yard.

Tim Trevis and his son, Timmer, are captivated by rainbow-colored Christmas lights too. Each year the two spend three to four weekends stringing up hundreds of lights.

"We usually begin right after Halloween," Tim Trevis said.

A neighbor, Vicki Romine of Kennewick, who sent Trevis' name in to the Herald, wrote in her note: "By the end of October, Tim gets a spring in his step and starts putting his plan into action.

"Tim is so meticulous and precise, one year I saw him 'leveling' one of the bushes."

Tim Trevis laughed at that and admitted he usually trims his evergreen bushes late in the fall, "because they have to be straight before I put the lights on."

Harris and Trevis said they grew up decorating their homes for the holidays.

"My uncles always did it when I was young and now I do and I'm passing the tradition to my son and daughter, Hannah," Tim Trevis said.

Another tradition Harris and Trevis share is using the old-fashioned, energy-hogging incandescent lights instead of LED lights.

"My wife can definitely tell when the lights go on. There's a significant jump in the light bill," Trevis said.

"I keep waiting for a gift basket from the city light department. I'm sure I pay somebody's Christmas bonus," Harris joked.

Both men admitted putting up their lights each year is a lot of work but say the rewards are worth it.

"Our neighbors love it. One year I was a little slow getting them up and they kept asking 'when are you going to get on the ball with the lights?,'" Harris said.

"We sure enjoy getting comments from people and it's fun to see the cars going by slow down and sometimes stop," Trevis said.

Here are some other displays to check out:

Benton City

w 2705 S. Goose Gap Road (in the Badger Canyon area near Dallas Road), Bennie and Elnora Hodges.


w 1930 Dogwood Place, Ken and Diane Hartley. Neighbors say their home is beautifully decorated with red and white lights, an animated snowman and two penguins, plus decorated trees, shrubs and a wreath.

w 1619 Mesquite Court. Mary Ellen, Dennis and Kelly Humphreys have a wide variety of decorations.

w 2753 Sawgrass Loop (Horn Rapids area). Mark and Cristina Harris have thousands of Christmas lights, some set to flash to music, but to see all of them you'll have to stop and walk into the backyard.

w 1404 Hunt Ave.

w 2021 Greenbrook Blvd., Fred and Courtney Deacy.


w Christmas Carol Lane, off Garfield Street. Drive up the hill on Garfield and watch for the signs.

w 418 S. Quillan Place (off Fourth Avenue, one block from Highland Middle School). Les Whitley Sr., 81, has been decorating his home with Santa and his sleigh, packages, decorated trees, a snow man and lots of lights for years.

w 6302 W. Yellowstone Ave., Tim and Tammie Trevis and son, Timmer.

w 1122 S. Jefferson Place. Brett and Terri Kerchhoff began 12 years ago with hand-painted wooden Christmas cut-outs and the display has since expanded with lights and music.

w 115 W. Kennewick Ave. A nicely designed display with white lights in the yard and outlining the two-story home.

w 420 W. 20th Ave. Lowell and Laura Fuher have a computer-animated light display.

w Corner of Washington Street and W. 19th Ave. The owners have a computer-animated light display. Tune to the specific radio station on the sign out front and "listen" to the lights.

w 425 W. 32nd Ave. Doug Morton has about 20 different Christmas scenes in his yard.

w 3700 S. Hartford St.

w 800 N. Volland St.

w 4003 Canyon Lakes Drive

w 460 N. Arthur St., Center Pointe Apartments

w 4508 W. 14th Ave.

w 710 W. 26th Ave.


w The Desert Plateau neighborhood; take Road 36 and Road 44 to enter the area.

w 8212 Hudson Drive, animated skiers in the yard.

w 8208 Orcas Drive, lots of lights on house, in yard and on fence. They made a larger "tree" from lights.

w 3017 W. Hopkins St. Lots of inflatables in the yard. This is visible to northbound motorists on Highway 395 just after crossing the blue bridge.

West Richland

w 653 58th Ave., Don and Lisa Monk have a spectacular computer-controlled light display which makes them flash and dance to 25 songs.

w 4623 Forsythia St., has a yard full of Walt Disney characters.

w 5444 Fern Loop, has Santa on top of a light pole and other yard/house decorations.

w 5104 Thrush Court, Santa near sleigh with packages and other yard decorations.

w 5106 Thrush Court, Santa going fishing and other yard decorations.

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