Punishing the rich

December 16, 2012 

TOM BAKER, Waitsburg

It's kind of sad to see President Obama jetting about the country in our 747 still in campaign mode. We see him bounding up the steps, hugging his introducer and then conducting yet another pep rally with enthusiastic sycophants eagerly applauding his telepromptered words carefully crafted for him by Valerie Jarret back at the White House.

His handlers most recently spent a billion dollars getting him re-elected by demonizing Mitt Romney and rich folks. Now it appears his task is to apply the coup de gras to the Republicans who resist punishing successful American business leaders.

Folks who understand numbers know that raising this symbolic tax rate on the rich will not approach a solution to our financial dilemma. And we discovered long ago that having our leader in a photo-op walk through a manufacturing plant wearing a symbolic hard hat has not yet created millions of new jobs.

The situation calls for earnest leadership from both parties and the president is not going to accomplish anything positive by teasing the dog through the fence.

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