WSP's standards

December 16, 2012 


The Dec. 8 Herald included an interesting front page article regarding the Washington State Patrol's problems finding suitable recruits with spotless backgrounds. But then our society has changed so dramatically in the last 20 years.

Possession and use of marijuana is now legal in Washington. God help us! Finding potential recruits with a spotless background will become harder as time goes by.

Come to think of it, neither our current nor two previous U.S. Presidents could qualify for WSP. Two smoked dope (though one did not inhale), and one had a DUI conviction.

Many of history's great lawmen had tainted backgrounds, including Wyatt Earp. The spotless Marshall Matt Dillon existed only in the minds of Hollywood. It's a good thing the old Texas Rangers didn't have to pass a polygraph.

Lots of luck, WSP. To fill your ranks, you may have to either lower your standards or be content with a smaller, moralistic force.

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