Beryllium study

December 14, 2012 


Beryllium study facts: Yes, the Department of Energy and National Jewish Hospital are conducting an epidemiologic study to look at Hanford risk factors for beryllium disease. NJH is the top-rated respiratory research facility in the nation and has been a dedicated advocate for beryllium-affected workers.

NJH uses the criteria as set by the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act. Trying to keep pace with the ever-changing criteria that the EEOICP has been using is often difficult to understand. Why the criteria is always changing is a question for EEOICP administrators to answer. Workers are diagnosed for chronic beryllium disease by various means and not only by the evasive lung lavage biopsy procedure.

The patient is given the opportunity to not have the procedure and the procedure is explained in great detail. I would hope the study would include screening information that was gathered from previous research. To say that NJH is being paid twice for the same research (Letters, Dec. 4) is ludicrous. I have CBD and have been to NJH more than I would like to say and have always been treated professionally and had the procedure twice! NJH has always used the criteria set forth by the the EEOICP.

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