Pit bull fan

December 12, 2012 

DAWN HANSEN, Kennewick

Kudos to JuliAnna Munden for her work with her rescued dog, Hype ("Pasco pit bull mix among top dogs in the nation," Herald, Nov. 24). So many people don't understand that good dogs are made, not born.

However, I was dismayed to read the misguided comments by the secretary of the Columbia Basin Dog Training Club regarding pit bulls. Pit bulls are often vilified in public perception, when this breed has a long history as a trusted family member.

In past generations, when an advertiser or moviemaker had to find a lovable dog, they turned to the trusty pit bull (see Buster Brown ads and Our Gang movies). In fact, they were known as the nanny dog because they were so tolerant of children.

Unfortunately for them, they have been chosen by those who engage in dog fighting because of their strength and eagerness to please. This has not only subjected thousands of these dogs to torture and death, it has also turned public perception against them.

I don't expect everyone to understand how pit bulls are victimized by their unfortunate current associations, but I do expect someone associated with dog training to do so. Pit bulls are strong, energetic, affectionate, intelligent animals. Please don't add to the ignorance about this breed.

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