Marijuana legalization

December 11, 2012 


In a recent letter, the writer drew an analogy between legalization of marijuana and the end of the war on drugs to the end of prohibition. The writer seemed to think that this is a good thing.

Today, it seems that many think that the use of alcohol is fine. That is unless you are a victim of a drunken driver. Or a victim of domestic violence committed by a drunken partner. A while back, an article in Time magazine pointed out that $70 billion is lost in workplace productivity because of alcohol. And there are more than 20,000 people killed on the highway due to booze every year. Many more are injured. So lets make another drug easily available and increase the carnage.

Karl Marx said religion is the opiate of the people. Well, if you have drugs available, you have the opiate right there for all the secularists. As long as the "fat cat capitalist" can keep the lower classes drunk or high (and make money doing it) there will never be any chance for them to get out of poverty. The best part is that they pay for it themselves. Stay drunk. Stay high. Stay poor.

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