U. S. Bankruptcy Court, Spokane

By the Tri-City HeraldDecember 10, 2012 


Phillip Allen Gagnon and Bonnie Jean Gagnon, 32 Apollo Blvd., Richland; debts $92,815; assets $74,184.

James Robert Zoric and Christina Marie Anderson-Zoric, 423 N. Garfield St., Kennewick; debts $42,267; assets $10,720.

Charles Richard Cave and Bernice Napier Cave, 1216 N. 16th Ave., Pasco; debts $136,586; assets $286,710.

Gerald Monroe Furman, 1309 Ninth St., Benton City; debts $15,886; assets $2,650.

Elaine Irene Biss, 155 Cedarwood Court, Richland; debts $96,762; assets $55,375.

Harrison William VanTassell and Brittany Ne-Shall VanTassell, 3278 W. Ninth Court, Kennewick; debts $276,954; assets $177,360.

Kimberly Anne Hancock, 4521 Paradise Way, West Richland; debts $310,758; assets $230,282.

Grace S. Elizai, 5426 N. Road 68, Pasco; debts $48,567; assets $9,689.

Ashley Eutsler, 1407 Fourth Ave., Kennewick; debts $21,349; assets $10,240.

Tina M. Schenk, 1006 School, Walla Walla; debts $150,150; assets $189,993.

Lawrence T. Shinstine and Angeline G. Shinstine, 1801 Heritage Road, Walla Walla; debts $3,446,503; assets $365,031.

Athenea A. Desota, 7821 N. Road 44, Pasco; debts $67,997; assets $3,470.

Katherine G. Binder, 721 Clark St., Walla Walla; debts $134,050; assets $298,945.

Heather Hunter, 517 Cullum Ave., Richland; debts $469,518; assets $371,542.

Summer L. Reyerson, 323 E. Birch, Walla Walla; debts $236,942; assets $189,690.

Dustin N. Davis and Amanda M. Davis, 702 Francis, Walla Walla; debts $29,500; assets $25,800.

Jennifer Lynne Anderson and Ronnie Earl Anderson, 4918 Sahara Drive, Pasco; debts $235,226; assets $163,026.


Olivia Andrewjeski, 18371 SR 260, Kahlotus; debts $4,190,659; assets $1,078,453.


Elizabeth Seidel, 28506 S. 875 PR SE, Kennewick; debts $183,403; assets $201,735.

Donald James Hoiland and Mandy Lea Hoiland, 8506 E. Massingale Road, Benton City; debts $134,300; assets $132,098.

Nickolus Marcel Thomas Sr. and Cassandra Moore Thomas, 2100 Bellerive Drive, Richland; debts $149,838; assets $124,690.

David Russell Shirey and Kathryn Ann Ramos, 125 W. 34th Ave., Kennewick; debts $234,087; assets $185,277.

Delmer L. Shove, 1571 Klundt Road, Pasco; debts $139,756; assets $181,900.

Timothy Donald Manion and Robin Dale Manion, 1506 Cottonwood Drive, Richland; debts $194,813; assets $144,140.

Ronnie M. Fisher, P.O. Box 4209, Pasco; debts $301,661; assets $267,565.

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