Good pet karma

December 10, 2012 


I've always wondered what an angel looked like. Now I know -- she looks like Harriet Johnson. I loved the article "A Home for pets that Rove" (Oct. 28) by Dori O'Neal.

This article was so heart warming to read. Harriet Johnson's efforts to help feral cats and dogs by neutering and vaccinations for both cats and dogs at an affordable cost.

If ever there is a place for our community to come together and support, however little, PHP -- Prevent Homeless Pets -- is certainly a great need in our area. I am a senior living on a fixed income who also loves animals and I will donate what I can to help Harriet Johnson, happily.

We need more folks like her in this world. Just think if we all just gave one dollar how much that would ensure her efforts, to make our community a better place. Donate at Every little bit makes a difference. Here again is my belief in karma. What goes around comes around, positives bring positives, negatives bring negatives.

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