The Hanford handout

December 10, 2012 

RICK WILSON, Kennewick

I am really happy that our community survived the recession. We did so well in fact that businesses are putting up buildings, construction is flourishing. Have you noticed the restaurants that have come here? What about medical facilities? Schools are being built? Not many places in the country are building houses like we are. Name the category, we are doing well. What is our biggest money maker in the Tri-Cities? Could it be Hanford? Hanford money does go to workers and management out there, true. We also need to remember that the money they get is spent in the community. Look around your workplace and ask if Hanford money comes to you.

The cuts that the companies at Hanford are proposing don't save the government any money. DOE doesn't reduce the amount of money they pay because it cost less to perform the work, it only increases the profits of the company. I understand there are many people that resent Hanford workers. Be careful what you wish for. When Desert Storm happened ( Killeen, Texas) Fort Hood was nearly destroyed by soldiers leaving. Malls, restaurants, mechanic shops, grocery stores ... all closed. It doesn't take long to figure it out.

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