Smooth the rough road

December 10, 2012 


It's a new term, with an old president who has said that we need to spend more money. How can that happen when our government is saying that we can't avoid the fiscal cliff?

The fiscal cliff means higher taxes and that means more money taken out of pay checks. This gives us less money to spend to make our government happy. Our president and government need to do something to help not raise taxes on anyone because at the rate we are going taxes will be raised immensely by the end of the fiscal year. We need to make a plan to cut spending that should include not giving money to those who are willing and able to work. Obama wants to expand the jobless benefits which just gives the unemployed more incentive not to work. They are just getting money handed to them for doing nothing. Those who physically and mentally can't work it is understandable but to those who are perfectly capable I don't see why this needs to happen.

Obama's term is just starting out, we need to try and start off smooth or its going to be a rocky road ahead.

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