Letter Best: Theater arts

December 9, 2012 


To all those who responded to the Nov. 13 letter about Titanic the Musical.

Please remember that theater arts are proof that people of all colors, creeds, sexual orientation, etc., can and do work together effectively over and over.

Perhaps instead of bashing the writer for expressing his opinion, even if we disagree with it, we should take pride in the breadth and scope of the unifying power of theater. We should celebrate that people with different opinions from ours can enjoy the work we built together.

As a matter of fact, we should start a campaign to drive the point home. It should look like this: Community -- we build that.

Then replace community with other significant words: culture, tolerance, love, peace, inspiration, truth, literacy, education, volunteerism, joy, sacrifice, talent -- we build, encourage, reinforce, teach, share, gift all of that.

I know of no other institution that takes the poor, homeless, drug addicted, affluent, educated, wealthy, driven, diverse, the undiscovered talent and talented doers of our world and unites them under a common purpose to promote the above while working on a project with as much passion as I see in our theaters.

That is something everything else, including politics, most certainly can aspire to.

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