Fast Focus: Give them points

December 9, 2012 


A couple things seem very obvious. We must close the border or change the economic conditions whereby the Latinos no longer want to migrate north. Secondly there is no way that we can export 12 million illegals, many who have been here for years and have borne children who are American citizens. Even if we could it would have a devastating effect on our economy. Before we get too judgmental we must remember that these poor people were enticed to come here because of better economic conditions and a porous border which was provided by Republicans for cheap labor and Democrats for more votes.

We need a way to integrate them into our society with an ultimate goal of citizenship. I think that we could most easily and fairly accomplish this with some sort of point system. For example, points would be provided for military service, for speaking fluent English, for steady employment, etc. Those with the most points could go to the front of the line and become citizens, providing they pass the normal qualifying tests for immigrants. All those with criminal records would be rounded up and exported. It would take several years, but eventually we would solve our immigration problem.

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