Fast Focus: Many pieces to the puzzle

December 9, 2012 


Oh boy this question is a can of worms. No matter what avenue anyone comes up with there will be others who disagree. There has to be some basic steps -- declare English as our national language, secure the border. Stop immigrants who have criminal backgrounds and intentions from coming into this country. Require immigrants learn English. Allow immigrants to acquire a green card to work in this country. No green card, no driver's license. Stop giving citizenship to children born in this country of illegals. Stop giving and providing welfare to every illegal who crosses the border. Push and expand the requirement of employers to use online software to determine if a person is here legally and can work here.

Make employers responsible for those they hire. Oft times the penalty for neglecting to do this does not deter them from hiring illegals because of work demands. We need to do a better job of documenting and educating immigrants for lawful entry into America to work. The entry process has to be "on a fast track" when demand, at harvest time, puts farmers in a pinch for workers.

One of the big complaints is that illegal immigrants are taking jobs, like construction jobs, which generally pay well away from naturalized citizens and legal immigrants. Some employers may hire them so they can pay them less. When the economy is as it is today and everyone is competing for a job to feed their family and keep a roof over their head, the naturalized guy sees an immigrant who may not speak English and may not be here legally, working at a job he feels he could have. That's where a lot of the anger manifests itself in the workplace today. That's why every immigrant should have their "papers" looked at before being hired for any job whether it is agriculture, construction, fast food restaurants, etc.

The government has to come up with a card that cannot be duplicated for legal immigrants. You come here you get a green card. You apply for a driver's license, you are required to prove you are here legally and can provide insurance. You get a license that carries a code stating you are here legally.

I'm sure this question will garner many solutions and lots of letters. This is just one.

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