Fast Focus: Hopeless, partisan quest

December 9, 2012 

-- JACK EDWARDS, Richland

I don't believe there can be any new ideas for resolving our immigration problems. Republicans have alienated Hispanics so much that they can't afford to have any more eligible Hispanic voters. Republicans want to shrink, not increase, the number of voters. As long as the House is controlled by the Republican Party, no meaningful immigration reform will pass, no matter how much we may need it.

Of course, if all of the Republican representatives were allowed to vote in the interests of their district, as opposed voting like their party leaders tell them to vote, then there would be enough votes to pass a comprehensive bi-partisan immigration reform bill. Frankly, since Republicans are so often forced to hold the party line, I don't understand why anyone in Congress would want to be part of the Republican caucus. Why not just run as an independent, and have the freedom to vote for in accordance with the wishes of the people who elected you?

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