Year-round schooling

December 9, 2012 


There has been much talk about year-round schools throughout the Tri-Cities. The Tri-Cities has grown quite rapidly in the past 15 years and people are questioning whether we should move to year-round schooling or build more schools. The key argument in favor of year-round schooling is the fact of budget. Pasco just spent a great amount of money on a new high school because Pasco High was growing at an incredible rate; should taxpayers be asked to pay more money to build new schools? My answer is yes.

Being a student, summer is the best part of the year and taking that away from some kids will not be a good solution. Also, being on a different track from your friends and having different breaks throughout the year would make school less enjoyable. Yes, of course, we go to school to learn, but being with our friends and peers makes it a much greater experience. Looking at the financial aspect, building new schools would be very expensive -- but paying for schools to be open and operating all year long will eventually add up, too.

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