Learning responsibility

December 7, 2012 


In high school, the most common answer to, "Why do we have to do this?" is, "It is preparing you guys for college." How much does high school actually prepare us? In high school, we have teachers watching everything that is done and making sure we go to class, do homework and behave.

But when college comes, the professors aren't going to be there to hold our hands and make sure we do our homework or that we pass. Instead, it is individual motivation that is going to get it done.

High school needs to give students more room to mess up so that when college comes, we are already standing on our own feet instead of relying on the teachers to make sure we are getting stuff done.

I would say I am pretty good about using individual motivation to get my homework done, but the first year of college, I was struggling a bit to keep on track and attend class. The new-found freedom was tempting to do what I wanted.

All I am saying is a little more freedom in high school couldn't hurt.

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