We're all Americans

December 7, 2012 

MIKE SMITH, Richland

In regard Jane Fox's letter, "Can't vote GOP," that was written in response to the Nov. 17 article about Republicans lamenting their loss.

Her deliberate attack on the GOP for being too centered on white people, old people, males and religious people, is a clear example of the exact type of biased remarks that have become the backbone of a divided nation. We are are all Americans as well as neighbors.

Individuals have become so filled with hatred, anger and lack of knowledge that they have become disengaged with the facts or issues that this nation faces and have become out of touch.

The word "moochers" was never used by Mitt Romney. The fact is that 49 percent of Americans are receiving some sort of government assistance, not 47 percent, as Romney stated.

Actions, not empty promises as in the last four years, is what will fix this economy. And, yes, there will be change for all of us to embrace but it may not be the change some were led to believe in.

When the debt clock stops and starts running in the opposite direction, then, and only then, will we be back on the road to recovery. But as of now, it is still increasing speed in the wrong direction.

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