Pasco bond: Yes

December 5, 2012 


Pasco residents should be informed on how much their vote will count regarding the Pasco School District bond to build much needed schools on the February ballot.

The implementation of year-round schooling is one of the only options left for this predicament. If that occurs, taxpayers will be paying for more teachers, busing, portables and all other expenses in the process. The end result? We will still need to build more schools.

The school district has been good at minimizing costs to build, such as lowering payments, getting matching grants, pre-purchasing land, and it is willing to put sixth-graders down to elementary as to not have to build a new middle school, which is much more costly.

Pasco has had unprecedented growth, and schools are needed to keep up with all the new housing developments that have been built. Children are the most important individuals for the future of our community, and their education should be put first.

Citizens should express unity and pull together for these children, as the word community means coming together and fulfilling the needs that arise for all.

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