Changes needed

December 5, 2012 


In November, I voted for the fiscally responsible Republicans. While I did not agree with some of their ideas, I thought that saving us from the irresponsible spending of the Democratic liberals was more important. I was pretty sure the social ideas -- their stance on women and gays -- would not pass Congress anyway.

Things that need to change:

-- The coverups and lies about Benghazi.

-- Obamacare, which was pushed through Congress under protest and will put small businesses at risk.

-- Democrats need to learn how to compromise for the good of the country and stop acting out.

-- Bypassing Congress and evoking executive privilege to enact policies intended to get you re-elected.

-- Killing jobs through opposition to the XL pipeline.

-- Promising to reduce our debt when you are the biggest borrower and printer of money.

-- Selling us out to the Chinese.

-- Emasculating the military. We must continue to be the world's most respected and feared country because of our military might.

-- Leading from behind.

It's easy to see why the Democrats are losing so many presidential advisers and department heads. They are tired of President Obama's baloney. He should try acting like a president instead of a talk show celebrity.

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