Parking dilemma

December 4, 2012 


It has come to my attention that the parking at Columbia Basin College is a little outrageous. There is absolutely nowhere to park if you come an hour late. It's unfair to those (like me) who have to take a class at the high school second hour and then come to the college for more classes.

Several people have expressed their frustration about finding a parking spot.

When I go to my third-hour class at the college, I usually end up being late because it takes forever to park. I go through all eight parking lots and there is still no parking. At one point I found a parking spot. Only to be surprised by a parking ticket after class because I wasn't allowed to park there without a parking pass.

It's impossible to find a parking place after 8:30 a.m. Might I add that you become crazy and psychotic because you are stuck in a parking lot trying not to hit innocent pedestrians.

I'm highly disappointed by the poor parking quality at such a high quality school. Consider the fact that many students are missing out on their education because they are going in circles in a parking lot.

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