Voters test

December 4, 2012 


Should voters be required to pass a civics test?

All legal citizens of the U.S. have the right to vote. But do all voters actually know what they're doing? The average American today seems to know nothing about this country's history or current issues. Some get their facts from the internet (because we all know that everything on the internet is true) or from the TV, which we hope is not biased in any way.

Foreigners who want to be a citizen of this great country have to take a civics test about the history of the United States and the government. How can we make immigrants take this test about this country when our own citizens don't even know anything about it?

With a civics test established to vote, it would help the citizens of the U.S. realize how big of an effect they have when they vote. I would feel more comfortable knowing that voters could vote with the appropriate knowledge of who will run this country or what laws will be enacted based on the facts, and not what the TV says or who their parents vote for.

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