Education funding

December 3, 2012 


Everyone is concerned with the funding of education. I agree that we need to have enough money to run the public schools and keep them at the forefront of education. But we have to learn smarter budgeting.

I have spoken with high school teachers who have run out of money budgeted for ink cartridges and just buy a new printer with the printer budget because it's there.

This is a tremendous waste of the supposedly small budget they receive throughout the year. Not to mention the expensive smart boards that are now in many classrooms throughout Washington.

Of the teachers I had who were given smart boards, it seemed 20 minutes of class were wasted every day teaching the teachers how to use this technology. I know there are learning curves with new technology but even after the teachers know how to use them, not every teacher needs one. I have had teachers with smart boards who never turned them on the entire year. We need to fix the education budget before we continue to fund an education system that doesn't understand the value of smart budgeting.

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