Inappropriate spokeswoman

December 3, 2012 


What did not seem appropriate was U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice going on several major news outlets to express an opinion on the murders in Benghazi, just to get her the exposure for her nomination as President Obama's choice to take Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's position.

It appears to have been done purely as a political move to give her the exposure and without consideration of the seriousness of the terrorist acts and the loss of these American patriots.

The perception is the president had her provide this briefing, not because she was the right person, but to give her exposure. I don't believe this indicates she is not qualified for position of secretary of state, but I also don't believe she was the right person to provide this information to the public.

This briefing should have been accomplished by the secretary of state, not the ambassador to the United Nations. If the president wanted to identify her as his nominee, he should have just announced her as his choice for secretary of state and not use the loss of American lives.

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