Foreign aid

December 3, 2012 


Should foreign aid still be provided to Afghanistan today?

There are so many reasons to say yes, yet so many to say no. So much money has been lost overseas because of fraud, mismanagement and lack of oversight. The U.S. has provided Afghanistan with a crutch, that when taken away, will cause it to fall, and to fall hard.

Many programs that the U.S. and other countries have started there may not be able to sustain after U.S. and other international troops leave. The inflated economy may easily collapse after foreign aid is halted to Afghanistan.

The U.S. also is facing its own financial crisis, but still is borrowing money from other countries such as China, to provide foreign aid to other countries. When will this cycle end? Will the aid we are providing now only stand in the long term, or will it last in the long term, after troops are pulled from Afghanistan?

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