December 2, 2012 


To read some of the letters to the editor the week of Nov. 12-16, you would have thought the Democrats had lost the election. They pointed out how out of touch the Republicans were -- too white, too old, too religious, too male?

One letter pointed out how "hyper" religious Republicans are. We "throw women under the bus." We undermine the right of people to be healthy.

You guys won! You get another four years of President Obama. Why the need to stick the knife in our backs and twist it. Isn't winning enough for you?

You know we got almost 50 percent of the vote. That doesn't sound like being that much out of touch with what America is now, whatever that is.

We have same-sex marriage in Washington.

We have legalized recreational Marijuana use in Washington.

Isn't this what you wanted?

Lighten up, guys.

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