Get a sitter

December 2, 2012 


An increasingly popular family activity this time of year is to gather the relatives to go see the latest movies in the theaters. I've noticed toddlers are often included in the party of movie goers. Watching a movie like Skyfall is not enjoyable for those bringing the little one or for those sitting in the same theater.

A toddler will cry out during the predictably action-packed scenes of guns and explosions in a surround sound theater showing the latest James Bond film. This happened to a friend who went to the movies with her family and to their collective dismay endured the distracting noise of three separate babies crying.

Toddlers in theaters is a bad idea and a legitimate waste of money and space. Research has shown that during the first one to two years of life the structures of the brain needed to create and retain memories is not even fully developed. Babies will not understand, enjoy or much less remember the movie they are brought to, thus taking up a much-desired seat that another individual would have enjoyed without being a nuisance to others.

Patrons who visit the movie theater should not have to put up with screaming toddlers.

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