Letter Best: Student respect

December 2, 2012 

By Celeste Stroup

I am a senior at Hanford High School and I feel that the public schooling system is a joke. Many classrooms are being run by disruptive students instead of teachers. Classroom disruptions cost serious students valuable time while waiting for the chaos to calm down.

By the time students get to high school they have already chosen their own path, whether to learn or not to learn. Students know that teachers are no longer able to discipline them so acts of disrespect flow freely. They act up and speak out of turn making it difficult for teachers to teach effectively and efficiently.

I've found that when problem students are eliminated from the classroom, the environment for learning is once again restored. Therefore, as a student, I would like to see respect returned to classrooms. Students interested in learning should not be confined with those who have no desire to learn.

There comes a time when "leaving no child behind" encroaches on allowing others to succeed. Building new schools will not solve the education problem here in America if the disruptive students are still allowed to cause chaos in the classroom.

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