Overly officious

November 30, 2012 

PHIL JONES, Richland

If you're not a college football fan don't bother reading my rant, but if you are, read on. For years, I have contended that the PAC-12 football officials are the worst in America. This year's Apple Cup was very exciting but made almost unwatchable by the number of penalties. So, having no life, I did a little unscientific research based on last week's games.

First, I looked at seven national games picked at random versus six PAC-12 games and looked at the number of total penalties called and penalty yards. The average number of penalties called for the national games was 9.7 total and 87 total yards. The Wisconsin-Penn State and Nebraska-Iowa games each had 6 penalties for 60 yards total for each game.

The PAC-12 games averaged 22.5 penalties per game with 216 penalty yards. While I'm a Coug fan, Washington had 18 penalties and the game total was 26 penalties for 300 yards. But wait, the Stanford-UCLA flag-fest had an unbelievable 36 penalties called (24 on the Bruins) for 380 yards. Please. And it was the 12th game of the season when teams should be getting better.

Put the flags away and let's play.

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