Mid-Columbia births for Thu, Nov 29, 2012

November 29, 2012 

Kennewick General Hospital

HARRIS -- Jessica and Justin Haines, Kennewick, girl, Nov. 22.

STEPANOV -- Svetlana and Vasiliy, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 22.

VARGAS -- Gabriela and Fernando Guevara, Pasco, Nov. 23.

SPINK -- Octavia and Darrin Sallee, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 23.

WILSON -- Makyla and David, Richland, boy, Nov. 24.

CARR -- Alexis and Troy, Kennewick, girl, Nov. 25.

AMBRIZ -- Judith and Jose Mora, Kennewick, Sept. 22.

CAVIN -- Lindsay and Shawn, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 23.

WILSON -- Jennifer, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 24.

BECHTOL -- Cathryn and Scott, West Richland, girl, Nov. 25.

MENDOZA YANEZ -- Karina and Jose Perez Solorio, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 27.

HUGHES -- Bianca, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 27.

Good Shepherd, Hermiston

LIVINGSTON -- Cassandra and Donnie Bowens Jr., Stanfield, boy, Nov. 19.

BURRIGHT -- Brenda and Jorge Pantoja, Hermiston, boy, Nov. 26.

TAPIA -- Eva and Jose Gomez, Boardman, boy, Nov. 23.

SCHNELL -- Mika and Steven Weathers, Hermiston, boy, Nov. 20.

MCFARLAND -- Mary and Darrell, Stanfield, boy, Nov. 21.

Walla Walla General Hospital

NUNES -- Cara, Milton-Freewater, girl, Nov. 15.

HOLT -- Melinda and Tyler, Milton-Freewater, boy, Nov. 19.

WITHERS -- Ashley and Andy Strasser, Milton-Freewater, girl, Nov. 12.

URUETA -- Selene and Jesus Diaz, Milton-Freewater, boy, Nov. 24.

Kadlec Regional Medical Center, Richland

BARAJAS -- Maria and Santiago Madrigal, Mattawa, boy, Nov. 19.

LEITZ -- Katharina and Joshua Coulson, Kennewick, twin boy and girl, Nov. 19.

BIRRUETA -- Maria and Rafael Perez, Kennewick, girl, Nov. 19.

GODINEZ -- Maria and Raul Saldivar, Pasco, girl, Nov. 20.

ROSALES -- Adrianna and Fernando, Pasco, girl, Nov. 20.

JACKSON -- Charisse and Joel, Benton City, boy, Nov. 20.

POWERS -- Christina and Martin, Pasco, boy, Nov. 20.

FINN -- Kelsey and Shawn Novack, Benton City, boy, Nov. 21.

HOUSTON -- Aja and David Ellingson, Richland, boy, Nov. 21.

QUIGLEY -- Chelsey and Dyllan Charvat, Pasco, boy, Nov. 21.

ASTUDILLO -- Wendoly and Timothy Barton, Pasco, boy, Nov. 21.

AZIMOVA -- Marina and Tim, Pasco, girl, Nov. 21.

LOPEZ -- Maria and Miguel Rodriguez, Richland, boy, Nov. 21.

STRYCKER -- Laura and Jon, Pasco, girl, Nov. 21.

RAMIREZ -- Amy and Hector, Pasco, girl, Nov. 21.

CALZADA -- Maday and Juan Hernandez Torrez, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 21.

CHIDESTER -- Chelsie and Nick Shemorry, Pasco, girl, Nov. 21.

RODRIGUEZ -- Maricela and Elias, Kennewick, boy, Nov. 22.

KLODT -- Amanda and Lucas, Spokane, boy, Nov. 22.

MICHEL -- Josie and Andy, Kennewick, girl, Nov. 22.

VASQUEZ -- Concepsion and Felipe Zepeda, Quincy, girl, Nov. 22.

ANDERSON -- Carmen and Chris, Benton City, girl, Nov. 23.

GUEVARA -- Haydee and Feliciano Ramirez, Richland, girl, Nov. 23.

BURRIS -- April and Jon, Richland, twin girls, Nov. 23.

ESPARZA-ROSALES -- Maria, Kennewick, girl, Nov. 24.

MECHAM -- Chelsie and Danny, West Richland, girl, Nov. 24.

OROZCO -- Daisy, Pasco, boy, Nov. 24.

MENDOZA -- Crystal and Elio, Pasco, boy, Nov. 24.

WARD -- Carrie and Timothy Smith, Richland, boy, Nov. 25.

BUCKLEY -- Hayley and Zachariah, Richland, boy, Nov. 25.

WHITNEY -- Jamie and Jared, Richland, boy, Nov. 26.

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