Shared bounty

November 29, 2012 

MARY WEIR, Kennewick

Since this is the season of giving thanks, I wanted to reach back in time to thank some people. The year was 1977, and my husband and I arrived in the Tri-Cities. We had no family anywhere nearby.

He was working at Hanford and I was teaching fifth grade at Eastgate Elementary School in Kennewick. As Thanksgiving approached, my principal, Conward Farris, invited us to join his family for Thanksgiving dinner. His wife, Bernadean, was gracious enough to set two extra places at the table amongst their family. The food was great and it was nice to have people around us.

Jump ahead to Thanksgiving 2011. Having finished dinner with my now grown family at our house, I went for a walk. As I neared the house where we had celebrated that long-ago Thanksgiving, I saw a number of cars parked out front. Conward and Bernadean had since moved, but their daughter, Deanna Brown and her family, were living there.

On a whim, I went to the door and knocked. I was invited in and graciously handed a plate by their teenage son. I was able to visit with the now grown family and also see Conward and Bernadean again.

I am still thankful to this day for that long-ago generous offer by such kind people and for the chance to revisit it last year.

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